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The Goulburn Options Sensory Room

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Sensory Rooms have proven to be an invaluable resource for many people with a disability, especially those with various types of sensory processing disorders. Sensory Rooms can be calming, stimulating, a place for socialisation, a place to develop motor function, cognition and sensory integration, a place to improve your focus, have a bit of fun, or even just to take some time out for yourself. The various textures, lights, sounds, and activities found within a Sensory Room provide a safe and tactile environment which can be easily manipulated to suit the needs of each and every individual that enters.

And now, thanks to a generous donation from Count Charitable Foundation, Goulburn Options has been hard at work fitting out a brand new Sensory Room.

The Goulburn Options Sensory Room is located at our 28 High Street, Seymour Hub, and we've already had some wonderful feedback from participants who have been enjoying trialling all of our newest equipment. So far the GO Sensory Room features a large sensory mat, a huge foam beanbag, a hardware board for sensory play, exercise and peanut balls, an entire set of liquid floor tiles and a fibre optic light rope spray -- with more equipment on the way!

Check out a sneak peak of our new room in the photos below!

Thanks again to Count Charitable Foundation for their generous donation, enabling the purchase of our specialist sensory equipment.

Watch this space for more updates from Goulburn Options, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, too!


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