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Key Word Sign

The Goulburn Options Key Word Sign Program has quickly become one of the most popular programs in our whole organisation! Every week, participants of the group gather to learn new Auslan signs in a fun, dynamic atmosphere. There's always a new song to sign along to, and new games to play which keeps learning fresh and exciting. Key Word Sign is a fantastic communication tool for everyone to learn, and caters to a wide range of abilities. 

The Key Word Sign group has even been known to perform -- check out last year's Christmas break up party where members of the Key Word Sign and Music group came together to put on a show!

What is Key Word Sign?

Key Word Sign adds signs to spoken words, borrowing signs from Auslan (Australian Sign Language). It is a fantastic tool which can be used to support people with communication difficulties to understand and get their message across to others. To find out more, check out the official Key Word Sign Website! 

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