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The Goulburn Options Literacy Program supports participants to develop various communication skills -- verbal, written, and interpersonal -- and to actively engage with the community. In weekly programs, the GO Literacy group work together on research projects, comprehension tasks, games and quizzes, and regularly plan exciting group outings and overnight trips. 

2023 saw the GO Literacy Group come together to form the Participant Voice Group -- an advocacy committee for Goulburn Options Participants who meet bi-monthly with CEO Melinda Burgess, and Board Chair Tony Gooden to provide feedback on Goulburn Options services and give suggestions for what they'd like to see from our organisation in the future. Each meeting, a new member of the Participant Voice Group takes a turn of chairing the meeting. 

2023 also saw the Literacy group give a special-guest presentation at Goulburn Options' official AGM. 'What Happened at GO in 2023' was a fantastic, comprehensive look back over the year just gone, and certainly the highlight of the night! 

GO Literacy Excursions

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