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Holiday Programs

Over the Christmas period, standard Goulburn Options Group Programs take a short break so our participants and staff can make the most of time with family and friends. Instead, the GO Holiday Program begins, and of course, our Flexible and SIL supports run as per usual. We call it a break, but for many, this time is actually jam packed with awesome activities and fun events!

This year, GO participants had many exciting trips and programs lined up -- though our holiday program got off to a rough start. Due to the huge amount of rain and flooding in the Seymour area and surrounds, the first few days of programming were altered to ensure the safety of all involved.

Goulburn Options sends a huge thank you to our community for everything they did to ensure we could continue to support our participants during this time. Thank you to participants and families for their understanding and patience and thank you to our staff for their ongoing dedication, flexibility and responsiveness.

Whilst our 28 High Street building was once again in an area of flooding, we are happy (and relieved!) to let everyone know that we suffered no damage other than some minor leaking across a few of our buildings.

As a result, we were thankfully able to get back into the swing of things before the week was out, and on Thursday 11th January, our participants and staff came together at Station Street for a day of Arts and Crafts. Collage placemats, bubble art, up-cycled CD coasters, and paper flower art: so many wonderful creations were made.

Hannah, Mikey, Robbie and Lucinda creating collage placemats.

Mikey making a textured pattern with shaving cream and food dye -- creative!

"We loved the art day," said Lucinda D. "We painted CDs to make coasters."

Over the GO Holiday Program, Lucinda also spent time with staff member, Tom, in the gardens of 28 High Street.

"I learnt to use the mower and the leaf blower and worked in the garden. I loved it!"

Other participants also used the holiday break to engage individual supports, such as Hannah C, who went with staff member Chris to Melbourne to see the new theatre production of Grease.

"It was amazing!" Hannah said of the show.

Hannah at Her Majesty's Theatre before the show.

Back at High Street, participants spent Friday the 12th completing a treasure hunt and a variety of games during our Sports and BBQ program. Following the weekend, the group then jumped in the GO bus to Shepparton for a day of fun and mini golf. In the last few days participants have also enjoyed movie days and themed cooking -- perfect for a few last rainy days!

Kerryn, Megan, Mikey and Andrew playing mini golf in Shepparton.

Lisa and Mikey dressing up for Sports Day at GO!

Carol enjoying mini golf.

Treasure hunt time!

Lisa heading to another course at mini golf.

Standard GO Group Programs are set to return on Friday 19th January, and we couldn't be more excited! 2024 is set to be another fantastic year for GO -- new programs, new projects, and many more achievements to come!

If you'd like to find out more about our programs, GO can be contacted by phone:

5792 3192

or by email

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