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GO Literacy at Titanic: The Artefact Exhibition

This week, the GO Literacy Group reflects on their recent trip to Titanic: The Artefact Exhibition at the Melbourne Museum. Read on to find out more!

On Wednesday, the Literacy Group caught a train to Melbourne Museum to see the Titanic. We saw the differences between 1st, 2nd and 3rd class accommodation and different food choices. (Megan D)

This photo shows the hallway that looks to the dining room. Lachie is pointing to a bedroom on the first floor. (Katelyne B)

On Wednesday we had an excursion to the Melbourne Museum to view the Titanic exhibition. In this photo, the Literacy Group can be seen preparing to enter the exhibition where we were immersed in interactive experiences such as feeling how cold the water would have been and viewing the original objects that were left intact from the accident. (Brennan C)

The Literacy Group went to the Titanic excursion on Wednesday -- everyone went to the Melbourne Museum. (Hannah C)

On Wednesday 21st of February, the Literacy Group went on the first monthly excursion down to Melbourne, to the Museum to see the Titanic Exhibition. We also went to see the dinosaurs in the Museum. (Davis S)

This is me and Hannah and staff Charity standing in the hallways that lead to the first-class bedrooms. These hallways lead to the dining room area where we saw all the kitchenware as well as the menus for first, second, and third class, and what a first-class room looked like. (Paris G)

We saw the Titanic Museum. We saw the old thing from the 1930s. We watched an old fancy movie. We felt the iceberg which was cold. (Tahlia B)

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