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Rosie 5.jpg

Art by Rosemary Sheppard


Our GO ART Studio Arts Program offers a welcoming environment where participants can express their individuality and share their personal interests through artmaking. Our studio staff support participants to explore a range of different mediums and artmaking techniques.


We offer our artists regular opportunities to exhibit and sell their artworks in the community, and promote their inclusion in the mainstream art world. For artists that want to develop their artmaking further we can help build professional pathways to increase opportunities and build their profile as emerging artists. 

In 2022, GO ART had the opportunity to move to a larger studio in Station Street where we can expand our art program to offer a broader range of art practices, workshops, and collaborations with local artists and community groups.


For more information please e-mail:

And for regular updates follow our Goulburn Options GO ART Facebook page

Nathan 2.jpeg

Art by Nathan Hall

GO ART Fundraiser

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Susan 5.jpg

Art by Susan Meadows

Meet Our Artists!

Susan Meadows mini art 1.jpg

Susan Meadows

Susan has been participating as an artist with GO ART for the past 5 years. She has made great progress with her art, and has fans following her on social media from all over the world. Susan has exhibited and sold her paintings in several group art shows, and dreams of having a solo exhibition one day. In 2018, Susan won an award for her painting 'Ghost Shark,' and in 2021 was featured online by 'Art et al' as their Monday Muse Artist with her painting 'Alien Dream.'

"Art is my dream job."

Susan M Feb 19 22 (1).jpg
Susan 2.jpg
Rosie 5.jpg

Rosemary Sheppard

Rosie is a very enthusiastic painter with a passion for mark-making, using countless layers of thick paint in her bright and colourful compositions. Rosie's paintings have been in many group exhibitions and she has sold work all over Australia. Rosie's fan-base is huge, with people from all over the world following her on social media. Rosie is well known for her shower cap! Her friend Susan gave it to her because she likes to put paint in her hair while no-one is looking!

"I like art. I like it."

Rosie 1.jpg
Robin 1.jpg

Robin Grak

Robin was one of the original participants in the GO ART Program. He didn't have much experience at artmaking then, but he certainly had lots of raw talent! Robin draws inspiration from the environment around him, especially trains and local buildings. Robin has exhibited many times, and has won two awards for his amazing paintings. 

Robin G Feb 19 22 (1).jpg
Robin 3.jpg
Nathan 3.jpeg
Nathan H Mar 11 2022 (3).jpg

Nathan Hall

Nathan has been a long term participant in the GO ART Program. Over the years, Nathan has developed a very unique and recognisable style using acrylic paint and collage. He loves using text and numbers in his work. 

Nathan sells his paintings and his work has been shown in many group exhibitions in Victoria. 

Nathan 5.jpg
Lucinda 3.jpg

Lucinda Donnelly

Lucinda loves working with patterns and dots, and sometimes makes artworks based on photographs that she has taken. Lucinda has been developing her own style and hopes to start exhibiting and selling her artworks. 

Lucinda 2.jpg
Lisa 1.jpg
Lisa S Mar 8 2022 (2).jpg

Lisa Sterio

Lisa has been a participant in the GO ART Program for several years. She enjoys painting, drawing, collage and crafts. Recently, Lisa has been making a series of artworks focused on animals using bright, vibrant colours in a loose and expressive way. Lisa likes seeing her artwork exhibited in her local community and hopes to have an art show of her own one day. 

"Art is fantastic. I like art."

Lisa 4.jpg
Leonie 3.jpg

Leonie Nunn

Leonie began her art-making journey with the GO ART Program in 2019. Leonie enjoys painting, drawing and collage, and has a passion for dots, patterns and mark-making. Most of her paintings include dots in some form. Leonie dreams of having her own exhibition one day. 

"I like art because it is inspiring."

Leonie 4.jpg
Kimberly 5.jpg
Kimberly 1.jpg

Kimberly Oakley

Kimberly joined the GO ART Program in 2019, and has since created an amazing body of work focused on her love of dragons. Kimmy's dragons are vibrant and colourful, and all have incredibly imaginative names. Kimmy has been working with LOOM to create a series of t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, totes, and bumper stickers which will all be available to order online soon. 

"As a kid I had dreams of fantasy dragons and unicorns and magical lands where I can escape to and be who I am."

Kimberly 7.jpg
Jeremy 5.jpg

Jeremy Grant

Jeremy is a long term member of GO ART. Jeremy likes to make artworks relating to his own personal interests and beliefs. Jeremy uses narratives or speech bubbles in some of his artworks, often expressing his witty sense of humour. Jeremy has exhibited his work in group exhibitions and won a prize for one of his artworks at the 'Having a Say' conference in Geelong. 

Jeremy 4.jpg
James 6.jpg
James 4.jpg

James Jones

James has been a keen artmaker since 2011 when the GO ART Program was first established. He has been very successful in developing a unique style that is original and very contemporary. James' work has been included in several group exhibitions, and he has sold many of his paintings both locally, and nationally. In 2018, James won an award for one of his paintings in a group art show in Seymour.

James sends everyone a big Thumbs Up!

Hannah  2.jpg

Hannah Challis

Hannah joined the GO ART Program in 2020. She has enjoyed experimenting with watercolours, acrylic paints and posca markers. Hannah has a love for flowers and usually focuses on this in her beautiful, feminine artworks. Hannah's work has been exhibited in group exhibitions in the local community. 

Hannah 1.jpg
Paris 2.jpg
Paris G - 26 Apr 2021.jpg

Paris Guest

Paris has a very feminine style and likes using flowers, mermaids, fairies and beautiful bright colours in her artworks. She experiments with a range of different mediums and also enjoys craft-making. 

Paris has exhibited and sold her work in local group exhibitions. 

Paris 1.jpg
Crystal 2.jpg

Crystal Stemmens

Crystal is a Seymour based artist who has been a long term participant of the GO ART Program. Crystal likes to do highly decorated and colourful artworks of animals. She also enjoys making abstract artworks using shapes and interesting colour combinations. Crystal won an award in an art exhibition for International Day of People with Disability. 

Crystal 5.jpg
Crystal 1.jpg
AL 1.jpeg

Andrew Leatham

Andrew is a Seymour based artist who has participated in the GO ART program for many years. Andrew is an abstract artist who uses expressive mark making techniques with acrylic paint, oil pastel and pencils. He makes both paper based and canvas based artworks. Andrew has exhibited and sold his work in several group art shows in the local community. 

Andrew Leatham - Stripes.jpeg


Robbie has only recently joined the GO ART program. He is interested in exploring a range of different concepts and art-making techniques. Robbie is also a keen photographer and has recently taken a series of photos of local places of interest which he would like to base some artworks on. Robbie hopes to be able to exhibit and sell his work. 


Louise Slade

Louise has only recently joined the GO ART Program. Since joining, she has been having fun with all types of media including acrylic paint, watercolours, coloured inks, markers and oil pastels. 

With a bit of learning and experience, Louise hopes to be able to exhibit and sell her art works with our other artists!

Dan Perta.jpg

Daniel Perta

Dan has participated in the GO ART Program on and off for a few years. He experiments with acrylic paint and a range of different mark-making tools, to create colourful, textured abstract paintings with lots of deliberate brush strokes over the top. Dan has exhibited and sold many of his artworks in local exhibitions. 

IMG_4099 (1).jpg
Caitlin Wright.jpg
Caitlin W Apr 20 22 Art (3).jpg

Caitlin Wright

Caitlin is a mixed-media artist who has been a participant of the GO ART Program for six years. She likes to experiment with texture and shape, and uses a variety of mediums such as oil pastel, acrylic paint, inks, watercolours and collage. Caitlin's brightly coloured abstract artworks have been exhibited and sold in the local community. 

CW 1.jpeg

Kieran Maksymiw

Kieran has recently joined the GO ART Program. He has been exploring painting techniques and mark making. Kieran puts a lot of movement and energy into his art making experience! He is about to start painting on canvases which he will exhibit in the coming months.  

Kieran M May 12 22 Art (1).jpg
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