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Winter Wellness

If you've managed to get your hands on a copy of the July Edition of GO NEWS (or downloaded the PDF version from the News & Media Page of this website) you will have seen our spread on Winter Wellness. If not, you're in luck. Here are some simple tips and tricks for keeping well in the colder months.

Wellness -- keeping in good health and living a physically, socially and mentally balanced life -- looks different for everyone. For some people, wellness may be a weekly exercise routine, checking in with friends and eating healthy. For others, it may be keeping up with medicine, trying new activities and organising a healthy work/life balance. One thing we all share however, is the additional risk of becoming unwell in the winter months, when the weather gets cold and our lives become more stationary. The recent surge of COVID19 cases, as well as this year's heightened flu season poses an additional risk.

So, how can we prevent getting sick?

And what are some tips and tricks for staying well?

5 Tips for Keeping Well

1. Eat lots of Vegetables

In winter there are lots of seasonal vegetables you can use to create lots of hearty, healthy meals. Broccoli, carrots, cauliflower -- try adding some to soup, or your favourite casserole.

2. Keep Active

In winter it is very easy to forget to be active when all you want to do is rug up and stay cosy. If you're finding it difficult to get moving, try indoor activities such as yoga, bowling, or swimming. Or get active in your own home by stretching, dancing, or even gardening in the winter sun.

3. Keep in touch with Friends

It is very important to keep an eye on your mental health in winter -- the dreary weather can often lead to an equally dreary mood. Fight the blues by checking in with your friends and family. Grab a coffee, see a movie, or get together for a chat.

4. Stay Warm

Maybe one of the best ways to stay well in winter is to make sure that you stay warm. To fight the cold, make sure you rug up with your scarf and coat, and ensure your home stays warm by closing doors and stopping draughts.

5. Have some Winter Fun!

While winter may be cold, remember there are things you can only do in winter, too! Take advantage of the season -- watch your favourite footy team in action, take a winter walk, or even make a trip up to the snow!

Handy Links

We all need a little extra help sometimes. Find more information about staying well in winter at the links below:

Concerned about your mental health? Find support with Beyond Blue:

Protect yourself and others from COVID19:

Keep your heart healthy this winter:


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