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Support Coordination: Plan Reviews

Hello everyone,

Following an update to NDIS Legislation in July, there is now a new process and new language around NDIS Plan Reviews.

When it comes time for a plan review, participants will be contacted by an NDIA representative -- generally via a phone call -- to check on their wellbeing, and to discuss whether their current NDIS plan is meeting their needs. This conversation will determine whether the participant will receive either a:


Minor changes made to a participant's existing plan



A new NDIS plan where all supports are reconsidered; what was previously known as a full Plan Review.

(Both options carry a default plan length of two years.)

Remember, you always have choice and control. If you are happy with your current plan, and are pleased to roll it over, you are most welcome to. You also have the option of booking a Plan Reassessment Meeting to which you can invite a family member, friend, or Support Coordinator to support you.

For further information, please contact Support Coordination Team Leader Christie Gross on 0476 164 481, or email:

All Official NDIS Information regarding these changes can be found at:


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