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 The Board

President - Bob Edwards

Robert (Bob) Edwards had an early association with Goulburn Options as a Board Member (1988-89) then as an Instructor from 1995-98 when it was the “Seymour ATSS”. Bob, with Pam Schivo, started G.A.T.E in February 1995. Rejoining the Board in 2003 Bob has held many executive roles (4yrs as Secretary, 7yrs Treasurer, 2yrs as Vice President and 3yrs as President of the Board; receiving Life Membership in 2008. In 2015, at the opening of the Goulburn Options respite units, unit number 3 was named ‘Barry’s B & B’ in loving memory of Barry Knippel a former member of Goulburn Options who was Robert’s brother in law. 

Vice President - Raelene Eason

Raelene was elected to the Board in 2017 after many years as an active member of the Lower Hume parent support group. A teacher for 30 years, she has a daughter attending Goulburn Options. Raelene feels that it is important for all the families and staff who make up the Goulburn Options community to be well supported and she is looking forward to working with the Board as the organisation continues to develop.

Treasurer - Michael Molony

Michael Molony joined the Board in June 2016.  A former Board Member of Goulburn Options, Michael has an adult son who has attended Goulburn Options full time since 2005.  Michael is a Certified Practising Accountant, conducts his own accounting firm, and brings this expertise and that as a business owner to the role. Michael is a member of the Board of Seymour Health and is a long time performer with the Seymour BATS.  

Secretary / Public Officer - David Stokes

David Stokes joined the Board in 2015.  He is a former Secretary (CEO) of the Seymour Water Board and is now retired.  David and his wife are carers for their adult son who attends Goulburn Options Day Programs part time.  David also volunteers his time to the Seymour Fire Brigade and the Seymour St Mary’s Church. 

Gary Doherty

Gary rejoined the Board in 2018 having previously been a member in 2014. Gary began his working life at 15 years of age, as did many in his peer group. He started as a spray painter, finishing up at the Ford Motor Co. Truck Plant. After Ford, the Australian Regular Army was Gary's second career, for 20 years as a regular soldier, then eight years as a reservist soldier and officer. After his  Army time, Gary decided on a third career as a podiatrist. After completing his undergraduate course, he worked for the Shepparton Foot Clinic for two years, before starting is own practice in Seymour 10 years ago.

Bill Keating

Bill Keating joined the Board in 2018. After 20 years as the owner of the Seymour news agency, Bill sold the business and worked with the Seymour IGA for 13 years until his retirement. Bill served on the Seymour Hospital Board for fifteen years, holding various positions in that time. He has also been a member of the local St Vincent de Paul Society for a number of years. Bill enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf.

Ewan McDonald

Ewan joined the Board in 2018. He has a life-long interest in how families and individuals live with disability. Having a career background in risk management, service delivery and strategic planning, he hopes to bring skills to promote the interests of people affected by disability. He is also committed to the professional development of workers delivering relevant support services as a principal means of assuring social justice.

Sarah Pyle

Sarah joined the Board in 2018 to be involved in local disability services and support the development of Goulburn Options. A mother to 3 children, one with Down syndrome, Sarah has been involved with Down syndrome Victoria raising $10,000 for the organisation. With a career background in Human Resources and case management, Sarah currently works as a Registered Nurse. She still finds time to participate in fun runs and half marathons.

Margaret Sheppard

Margaret rejoined the board in 2019 ( after taking a year off in 2018). This year will be her 20th year of Board involvement and during this time she has held several executive roles. Margaret cares for her sister who has attended Goulburn Options since 1987. Having retired from her banking career Margaret is chair of the Goulburn Options fundraising committee. She also and volunteers for the Seymour Volunteer Cancer Council unit and does Meals on wheels.

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