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Support Staff of the Month

Goulburn Options is proud to employ over 60 qualified, dedicated, and hard-working support staff. Together with our Administration Team, Goulburn Options Support Staff endeavour each and every day to see our participants reach their "biggest lives possible." 

Each month, this page will feature three members of our excellent team, so keep checking back to meet them all!

Stephanee Williamson

Stephanee Williamson started working at Goulburn Options twelve years ago whilst doing work placement in Year 10 at Broadford Secondary College. Stephanee's Mum worked at Goulburn Options, and so she would often visit to chat with the participants. Quickly falling in love with the work, Stephanee followed in her Mum's footsteps and is still here twelve years later. What Stephanee loves most about her role as a support worker is seeing how far society has come in regards to the way we view people with disabilities in such a short amount of time. She loves that people in the community are so happy to see our participants, and are always up for a chat whenever GO gets out and about. In her time at Goulburn Options she has been able to see many participants reach their full potential and work towards making their dreams come to life.

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