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GO Art

The Go Art program offers a welcoming studio space that is equipped with high quality art materials for participants of all skill levels. Participants are invited to join in group activities, or develop their own self-directed art projects to work on individually. A range of activities are offered such as sensory art, craft-based activities, textile art and visual arts. For more experienced ‘emerging’ artists the studio offers a supported space to develop new ideas and experiment with a range of mediums.

The experienced artworkers in the GO Art staff team assist our emerging artists to develop their artistic profile through online platforms, support to sell their work online or in exhibitions, and to submit entries into local and national art competitions. We can also help to create pathways towards professional development for individuals wanting to further their art practice.

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Goulburn Options is proud to present a collection of canvas based artwork produced by the participants in the 'GO Art' Program. This very popular activity began in early 2011, and has proven to be a huge success. 

Artwork may be purchased or commissioned. 

Visit the GO Art Facebook Page to find out more. 

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Our Art: Alien World

Painted by Goulburn Options Participant

Susan Meadows

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