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There are more than 53 direct care staff at Goulburn Options forming a team of experienced and committed people. They share a passion for their work as they strive to support people with disability to reach their personal goals.

Our adminstrative staff receive the day to day inquiries and you are welcome to contact them for information regarding the activities of Goulburn Options.

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Melinda Burgess

Chief Executive Officer

Melinda comes to us after spending the last four years in the role of CEO at Menzies Support Services in Alexandra.

Melinda has a strong working knowledge of the NDIS and was involved with the roll over from DHHS funding to the NDIS with Menzies.

 Melinda lives with her husband John and daughter Sarah in Molesworth on a farm. Her son Will lives in Perth.

After starting her career in the Aged Care and Disability sector working across Assessment and Case Management, Melinda founded and grew her own RTO which trained students across the Health and Community Services sector.

 Melinda is looking forward to working with the Board and staff to achieve the vision of assisting participants as they seek to live the biggest life possible.

Melinda Burgess

Telephone: 03 5792 3192

Email: ceo@goinc.org.au


Rebecca Staring

Business Manager

Rebecca has been employed at Goulburn Options for the past 20 years. Rebecca began her employment as an Administration Trainee and over the years has also worked as a Direct Support Worker in Day Programs, Flexible Supports and Short-Term Accommodation.  Rebecca is now employed as the Business Manager. Rebecca has undertaken various courses in Business and Office Administration throughout her employment and is planning to undertake further tertiary studies in finance.


'I have dedicated my working life to Goulburn Options, and I could not ask for a better place to work.  I thoroughly enjoy watching the outcomes for participants and their families because of the service that Goulburn Options provides.  Over the past 20 years Goulburn Options has certainly increased in size from a staff pool of 10 to now around 50 employees and I am honoured to work with such an enthusiastic, dedicated and positive staff team.'


Telephone: 03 5792 3192

Email: finance@goinc.org.au


Megan Montgomery

Support Services Manager

Megan has been employed at Goulburn Options since 2005 when she began as an Administration Trainee Assistant. Throughout her employment Megan has undertaken direct care work in all services and completed education and training, including Business Administration, Certificate IV in Disability and Advanced Diploma of Disability Management.


'I feel privileged to be able to work with the management team leading Goulburn Options as we support participants to navigate the NDIS. I am proud to be part of such a committed and dynamic team that consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that our participants needs are always met and that they are supported to reach their full potential.'   


Telephone: 03 5792 3192 Mob: 0417 153 365

Email: megan.h@goinc.org.au


Mandy Gloede

Creative Arts Coordinator

Mandy has worked in the Disability Sector since 2002 when she started her role at Goulburn Options.  In 2011 she established the GO Art Program which has grown steadily each year. She has curated several Art exhibitions for Goulburn Options lifting the profile of Goulburn Options artists in the community.


" I am very passionate about both disability and the arts. Watching our artists express themselves through visual arts is a very rewarding experience."  


Phone: 03 5792 3192 

Email: mandy.g@goinc.org.au


Deb Williamson

Op Shop Coordinator

Deb began as an instructor at Goulburn Options in 2008. She has been employed in the health/disability sector for almost 20 years. Deb founded the Ragz Program in 2010, starting with 1 bag a week. Ragz now has orders to produce over 40 bags a month to regular clients.  Deb completed her Advanced Diploma of Management.


"I feel very humbled to be able to work and support all of our participants to achieve successful outcomes great and small. I am very passionate about providing a quality service for our participants.  I work with an amazing team of staff who always go above and beyond in every aspect of their role making it a happy enjoyable environment for us all."


Telephone: 03 5792 3192

Email: deb.will@goinc.org.au


Brittany Jones

Support Services Leader

Brittany began as an instructor with Goulburn Options in 2015 and in January 2019 she took on the additional role of full time Support Service Leader. Brittany has a Certificate IV in Disability and is currently completing her Advanced Diploma in community sector management.


“Working as a Support Services Leader at Goulburn Options I enjoy being able to support and guide our participants to achieve successful outcomes, both great and small. I have become very passionate about being able to provide the best support for the participants and to help them meet their individual goals”  

Telephone: 03 5792 3192

Email: Brittany.j@goinc.org.au

Diane S.PNG

Diane Sloley

Disability Services Coordinator

Diane commenced with Goulburn Options in November 2014. She initially worked as a program instructor and in flexible support services.  In February 2017 Diane took on the additional role of part time Business Services Assistant.  Diane has a Certificate IV in Disability, with over 10 years experience in the field, and also has many years experience in accounting and office administration.


“I love working here – overcoming challenges and seeing the achievements of others – it’s so rewarding”


Telephone: 03 5792 3192

Email: diane.s@goinc.org.au

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Naomi Dudley

Business Services Assistant

Naomi began working at Goulburn Options in 2019 in the role of Business Services Assistant. Naomi has a Diploma in Accounting and is currently studying Certificate IV in Disability.


“Goulburn Options to me was a new beginning and I’ve enjoyed every moment of my time here. I look forward to developing my skills in the disability field so I can give back to the staff and participants who welcomed me into the Goulburn Options family.”

Telephone: 03 5792 3192

Email: naomi.d@goinc.org.au


Jack Cornelissen

Support services leader

Hayden (Pudd) has been employed at Goulburn Options since 2009. Previously he was employed at the Seymour Special School as an integration aide. Hayden is employed as the Vocational Skills Coordinator - overseeing all maintenance related tasks and assisting our participants to maintain the grounds and buildings whilst learning life skills around safe and effective tool and machine use. Hayden also works as an Instructor in Day Programs and supports our participants throughout Flexible Supports and Short-Term Accommodation.  


Telephone: 03 5792 3192 

Email: hayden.s@goinc.org.au


Amy Forcier

Quality Facilitator

Amy has worked in the Disability Services Industry for over 14 years. During this time, she has worked across a range of services including Day Services, Residential Services and Respite Services. In 2006 Amy completed a Certificate 4 in Disability and has completed numerous trainings and workshops throughout the years to further develop her knowledge and practice.

In 2014 Amy became a member of the Goulburn Options Team and the Goulburn Options Community.


" I undertake a dual role as Quality Facilitator and Program Instructor both of which I am passionate about. I believe Quality is about providing a framework to support the provision of high quality services that meet the needs, requirements and expectations of people with disability."


Telephone: 03 5792 3192

Email: amy.f@goinc.org.au 

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Christie Gross

Support Coordinator

Christie has worked at GO for 3 years in the Support Coordination Role. Prior to this she was working at the Commonwealth Bank in Seymour for almost 9 years.

Her career spans from health to finance and along with her husband, they have run their own family business for the past 8 ½ years, which Christie manages all of the book-keeping and paperwork side of things.


Christie has a passion for assisting participants and their families to reach their goals, whilst having fun along the way! She has a never give up attitude and usually don’t stop until the desired outcome has been reached.


“I feel very lucky to be part of the amazing team at GO, where all of us have the same core values. Our participants and their families are #1!”


Telephone: 03 5792 3192

Email: christie.g@goinc.org.au 

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Rebecca Board

Support Coordinator 

Rebecca works in Support Co-Ordination. She also helps with the Go Live Program and is working on better understanding how GO can assist participants in their housing journey.


She has completed a Bachelor in Applied Management, Advanced Diploma of HR and has qualifications to teach in the TAFE sector.


"My favourite part of working at GO is that the organisations values of diversity, equity and capability align withy my own personal values.  I feel my feet firmly planted in this sector and am committed to helping participants achieve their goals."


Telephone: 03 5792 3192

Email: rebecca.b@goinc.org.au